Ph. D Degree Awarded List

National Institute of Pakistan Studies

Quaid-I-Azam University




S.# Title of Ph.D Thesis Name of Student Name of Supervisor
1. Religion and politics of Pakistan: 1972-88 Syed M.H.Shah-1994 Dr.Parvez Iqbal Cheema
2. Socio economic development in tribal areas : A case study of Mohmand Agency: 1975-85 Syed Islam Shah-1994 Prof. S.A.Dar
3. The Ulama in politics: A case study Jamyyat Ulema-I-Islam Pakistan:1947-71 A. Samad Pirzada-1994 Dr. Khalid Masood
4. Economic Factors in the making of Pakistan: Ms. Naureen Talha-1995 Dr. Tariq Rahman
5. Saints and Shrines in Pakistan: A case study of the Potohar Area Mr. Hafeez-ur-Rahman-1997 Dr. A.H.Dani
6. Political Thought of Inyatullah Mashriqi Mr. Sarfraz H.Ansari-1997 Dr. A.H. Dani
7. The Religio Political Movement of Faqir of Ippi Mr. Fazal-ur-Rahman-2001 Prof. S.A.Dar
8. Elite Politics in Pakistan: Going before the public face Mr. A.Salman Humayun-2004 Dr. A.H.Dani
9. Water Resources of Indus: A case study of Kala Bagh Dam Mr. Shoaib Ahmad-2004 Dr. Syed Waqar Ali Shah
10. . Political development in Balochistan in the last decade of British Raj Mr. Javed Haider Syed-2006 Dr. Sikandar Hayat
11. Mawlana Amin Ahsan Islahi: A study of Socio-Political thoughts Mr. Abdul Rauf-2006 Dr. Riaz Ahmad
12. Pakistan and the international economic agencies Ms.Noor Fatima –2007 Dr.Ghulam Hyder
13 Politics of Alliances in Pakistan: 1954-1999 Mr. Akhtar Hussain-2008 Dr. Syed Waqar Ali Shah
14 Pakistan’s Afghan Policy during Taliban Period Mr. Naseem Ahmed – 2008 Dr. Lubna Abid Ali
15 Politics of All India Muslim League 1924-1940 Ms. Kishwar Sultana – 2009 Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema
16 Agricultural Development in N.W.F.P 1960-80 Mr. M. Aslam Khan – 2009 Dr. Naureen Talha
17 Nature and Functioning of Democracy in Pakistan (1985-1999) Mr. Sultan Mahmood


Dr. Riaz Ahmad
18 Electoral Politics in NWFP 1988-1999 Mr. Muhammad Shakeel Ahmad 2011 Dr. Naureen Talha


19 Political Development in the N.W.F.P and Balochistan 1971-1976 Mr. Muhammad Rizwan


Dr. Waqar Ali Shah
20 Socio-Psychological and Economic Problems of Blind Persons: A Case Study of Rawalpindi District Hafiz Abdul Rasheed


Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rahman
21 Politics of the Opposition in Pakistan 1988-99


Mr. Ghulam Qasim


Dr. Riaz Ahmad
22 Pakistan-United States Relations in the Post Cold Era Mr. Fazal Rabbi


Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema
23 Islam and Nationalism in British India: A

Muslim Intellectual Response.

Mr. Najeeb Ullah



Dr. Riaz Ahmad
24 Pakistan People’s Party in Punjab a Political Study 1972-77 Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Malik 2013 Dr. Riaz Ahmad
25 Integration of Pakistani Immigrants in the Norwegian Society: Case Study of Forced Marriages in Pakistani Community 2000-2005 Mr. Mian Waheed–ud-Din


Dr. Ghulam Hyder