Library Rules


  1. Library Service Hours

The Library shall remain open for service during the working hours observed by the National Institute of Pakistan Studies i.e.


Monday through Friday                                                     8.30 a.m to 3.30 p.m


Library hours may be changed from time to time by the Librarian with the approval of the Director NIPS.



  1. Governance:


The daily administration and organization of the library is the responsibility of the librarian where staff will be responsible to him in the pursuit of there duties. The library will also have a Library Advisory Committee which will enforce discipline in the form of administration and fines for lost or overdue books. The Director is ultimately responsible for the smooth functioning of the library.



  1. Membership:


3.1 The following categories of members will be allowed to make use of the library resources:


  • a. NIPS faculty
  • b. NIPS administrative/ research staff
  • c. NIPS Students
  • d. Other persons allowed in writing by Director NIPS/ Librarian with the permission of Director NIPS


3.2 For students, faculty and staff computerized library cards will be used for the issue of books and membership is not transferable. Students will return computerized library card before the final clearance. A sum of Rs. 250/- shall be charged for the loss of Library card.



3.3 The member will be responsible to take care of any library informational material barrowed by him/her.


3.4 Change of address/ telephone No. must be reported to the Librarian immediately.




  1. Loan Privileges
  • The Following categories of members shall observe the loan schedule mentioned against each:





  • NIPS faculty                                                  015   books for a period of one Semester
  • b. NIPS Staff                                                      04  books for a period of                                                                                                 two weeks



  • a. M.Sc                                                                       05   books for a period of two                                                                               weeks
  • b. M. Phil                                                             06       books for a period of two                                                                               weeks
  • c. PhD                                                                         08 books for a period of one                                                                                month


Journals/Serials/Magazine/ Newspapers

Overnight for photocopying only



  1. Terms of Loan:

5.1Informational material of the following nature shall not be issued (except in special cases e.g. classroom use of a faculty member for a short period/ photocopying purpose) but can be consulted in the library.


5.2 All works marked REFERENCE such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, etc.


5.3 Current issues of research journals, periodicals, magazines and newspapers.

5.4 All un-processed / under process material.


5.5 Theses, research reports etc.


5.6 All non-printed material (Microfiche, CDs, slides, cassettes, films etc.)


5.7 Other material assigned by the Librarian to the reserved category.






  1. Renewal of book(s):


6.1 Loan may be got renewed for further thirty/ fourteen days provided no other user has requested reservation for the same.


6.2 Books and other material already checked out by some other member can be reserved


6.3 Overdue material will not be reissued.


6.4 If borrowed material is urgently required in the library, it may be called back by the   librarian.


6.5 The Librarian may withhold/restrict circulation of any material for specific purpose/ for specific period of time with information to the Director.



  1. Fines:


7.1 Over due Fines:

7.11 Books and other information material borrowed from NIPS library must be returned or reissued within the due date mentioned on due date slip.


7.12 Items not returned within the due date will be charged a fine on the following        rates:


7.13 After giving a reminder of one week a fine of Rs. 2/- per day per book will be charged.


7.14 Library Advisory Committee/ Director NIPS may reduce or exempt the overdue fine against any borrower only in very exceptional circumstances.


7.15 Membership can be ceased if fine amount exceeds Rs. 100/- till the time of clearance of fine account.



7.2Temporary Loan


7.21 A fine of Rs. 10.00 per day per item will be charged.


  1. Loss of Library Material.


Any borrowed material not returned or renewed within 60 days of the due date will be considered lost.




8.1 General Books.


8.11 If borrowed material is damaged or destroyed, the borrower will be asked to deposit a replacement with 25% processing charges, or a fine would be charged which may be up to three times of the actual present cost of the material.


8.12 In case an item or book which is a part of a set is lost or damaged, the borrower will make the payment for the whole set or replace the book.



8.2 Reports, Rare/ Donated / Gifted books


  • The Librarian will assess the cost / value of the material, However preference will be given to replacement of the material along with 25% processing charges.


8.3 Journals / Serials / Periodicals / Newspapers


  • The Librarian will assess the cost / value of the material, However preference will be given to replacement of the material along with 25% processing charges.



  1. Write-Off Losses:


9.1 The Librarian shall report all books/ non-print material damaged, and/ or worn-out through fair wear and tear to the competent authority for write-off action.


9.2 Losses to the extent of 3% per annum of the available stock in an open access library shall be written off by the competent authority.


9.3 Losses written off by the competent authority shall be struck off from the stock and the records of the library, including catalogues.


9.4 The permanent irrecoverable loans shall also be reported to the competent authority for write-off.


  1. Stock Taking


The library shall be closed during July/ August for 30 days for stock taking. All borrowers shall return the books/ information material for the purpose at a week’s notice and issue of books and other services of library shall remain suspended during the period.




  1. Weeding:


On receipt of a written request from the librarian, the Director NIPS shall depute two or three members of the Library Advisory Committee for weeding out outdated worn-out and / or seriously damaged or mutilated books and other materials. They shall submit their recommendations in writing to the competent authority for approval.


  1. Library account:


With the approval of the Director, money collected as fine/donation together with the amount retrieved from the sale of old newspapers etc. shall be spent on the maintenance of library by the librarian. Such money will, however, be deposited in the NIPS bank account according to rules and then treated as part of the library budget.


  1. Clearance:


All users of the library including NIPS students, Faculty, staff, visiting faculty members, Staff and faculty of Chair on Quaid-i-Azam and freedom movement, will obtain clearance from the library at the time of their retirement or on leaving the institute.


  1. General Rules:


14.1 All members shall leave their personal belongings in pigeon hole shelf near the entrance.


14.2 Members may be asked to submit any book(s) or other object(s) for inspection on demand by the library staff.


14.3 Complete silence should be observed in the library


14.4 Eating, sleeping, smoking and audible conversation within the library premises is strictly prohibited.


14.5 The librarian is authorized to with-draw library facilities from any member who is found misusing the library material or facilities.


14.6 Members shall make their own arrangements for carrying books etc. to and from the     library.


14.7 The library shall not receive any telephone call or mail message on behalf of any reader.


14.8 Students shall not be allowed to use the library telephone except in an emergency.


14.9 Any student / person found guilty of theft of library material after an enquiry will pay a fine up to Rs. 5000.00. Director NIPS may reduce or exempt the overdue fine against any borrower on the recommendation of Library Advisory Committee.


Library Rules Approved by Board of Governors in its 38th meeting dated: 16-07-2009