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National Institute of Pakistan Studies
Name of ScholarMuhammad Aslam
Title of Dissertation Non-violent Struggle for the Restoration of Democracy in Pakistan (1977-1988)
Issue Date2021
PublisherNational Institute of Pakistan Studies, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

The study tries to explore the non-violent nature and development of the MRD movement in Pakistan. It has examined that how the activists of the movement applied the methods of non-violence to achieve its objectives and garner public in the country and Westem capitals. The work has also analysed that how General Zia-ul-Haq used violence and coercive tactics to stymie the non-violent struggle for the restoration of democracy in Pakistan. The MRD activists did response peacefuly to repressive and violent attacks of the military government. Consequently, activists of the movement followed unarmed resistance and the state of Pakistan under the military rule of Zia pursued violence to repress mass mobilization till 1988. The military government’s holding of non-party based genera] elections failed to halt opposition to its undemocratic and unconstitutional policies. Resultantly, the movement continued with full vigour after the restoration of so-called democracy under the supervision of military in the country. The dissertation has connected the theory of non-violence in case of this movement. It has analysed the nature, development and policies of the movement towards the military government in general and the province of Sindh’s participation in particular. Thus, the study has tried to develop a modem history of non-violent struggles in Pakistan.