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National Institute of Pakistan Studies
Name of ScholarFazal Rabbi
Title of Dissertation Pakistan-United States Relations in the Post-Cold War Era
Issue Date2013
PublisherNational Institute of Pakistan Studies, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

It is an interesting and troublesome paradox that the relationship between Pakistan and the United States has been generally characterized as disenchanted allies, union of unequal and most recently deadly embrace. The character of this relationship has also been described as roller-coaster, episodic and discontinuous, checkered and volatile history; marked by many ups and downs and interposed by intense and distinct engagement. It varied from one extreme to that of completely ignoring. Even though when these two countries are in an alliance or partnership with each other; still there is a sense of frustration and disappointment on both sides about the actions of the other.

Pakistan once viewed as the America’s most allied ally, a frontline state, strategic partner, major non-NATO ally and at other time as unreliable and the most sanctioned ally. The USA is viewed as a fickle and unreliable friend of Pakistan; used Islamabad for its purposes, then was abandoned by Washington.

It is perplexing that why the relations between these two countries have been characterized as stated above. In order to explain this complex and puzzling relationship, several scholarly attempts were made but remained inadequate. There are hardly any studies which look at this aspect of bilateral relations and specifically in the post-Cold War era.

This study is an attempt to explore and analyse the inconsistency in Pak-USA relations in the post-Cold War era. To explain their bilateral relationship, the researcher has given a detail history of Pak-US relations in the cold war period and then particular attention is given to post-cold war era. Major factors and issues have been analysed to understand the convergence and divergence of their national interests and inconsistency in their relations.