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National Institute of Pakistan Studies
Name of ScholarAlam Gir Khan
Title of Dissertation Pakistan’s Role in the Reconstruction of Afghanistan in the Post-Cold War Era
Issue Date2021
PublisherNational Institute of Pakistan Studies, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Pakistan because of its shared ethnicity and longest porous border with Afghanistan cannot remain unaffected by the events taking place across the Durand Line. Cognizant to this fact Pakistan has been taking interests in the socio-economic and political development of Afghanistan since the past few decades. Following a realist approach, Pakistan wants peace and socio-economic stability in Afghanistan because an unstable Afghanistan is direct threat to its own stability and political integrity. The increasing involvement of Pakistan in Afghanistan affairs at the post-Cold War era has become a debatable issue. The present study primarily aims to critically analyse those issues which on the one hand urge Pakistan to play its role in the socio-economic and political reconstruction of Afghanistan but on the other hand hamper the realization of its contribution. The study at hand revolves around a central argument that like the rest of the donors countries Pakistan post-cold war policies towards Afghanistan are guided by its realistic approach.

Reconstruction of Afghanistan is a complex process. Soon after dismantling of the Taliban regime the USA diverted its military and economic resources towards Iraq and provided a breathing space to Taliban. Pakistan, as a closer neighbour, certainly cannot afford a resurgence of instability, violence and terrorism on its Western border.

Last but not the least, success in reconstruction means meeting goals, not fulfilling pledges or being generous. The overriding goal is enabling Afghans to build a country that contributes to, rather than threatens, their own and global security. Failure by the Pakistan and other major states to respond will doom Afghanistan, the region and the world to repetition of anarchy that gave birth to Taliban and refuge to Al-Qaeda.